You remind me of the unwelcome guest at a banquet, who never misses an opportunity to intrude.

You are the eternal opportunist waiting for your moment to sneak in at any possible moment, you lie waiting for the window of opportunity to open up so you can bring in your unbearable poison.

Your nature is such that everything you touch turns from gold to ashes, Your acidic, putrid, and foul smell assaults the nostrils and lungs of those who breathe you in, filling the spaces you invade with your presence.

your darkness envelopes me in a suffocating clutch that immobilizes my every muscle, causing me to toss and turn, slip and slide to no avail.

You are the dark ominous cloud that looms upon me, reminding me of your presence.

When you rear your nasty head, my heart beats faster than the speed of light, my palms sweat with the sweat of a thousand runners, my mouth dries up like the open fields of the Karoo, You transform my dreams into nightmares, you cloud my judgment, blind me with your dark cloak, and assault my ears with the loudness of your voice. Yet, your very name spells False Expectations Appearing Real, for you are not.

Your strength is in my imagined weakness,

Your presence depends on the absence of my presence

Your darkness cannot survive in the light,

Your grip is loosened by my fluidity and flow of my essence

You cower at my piercing attention

You fade in the colourfulness of the beauty of life

You die at the powerful hand of surrender,

The saving grace of the beautiful silence that exist at the core of my being, in the stillness of my inner space, incapacitates you

As long as I live in love, you die.

As long as I trust in truth, you die.

As long as I embrace my power, you die

As long as I yield AND surrender, you die

As long as I am, You are rendered powerless.

AND by the way, You are no longer welcome at my table!

Be that as it may Fear, I must say that your existence is not entirely without purpose,

In your grip, I learn to yield and surrender,

In your eternal darkness, I find my eternal light

In dying to you, I am reborn

In your persistence, I have learned acceptance

Without you, I might forget

YOU remind me to look within,

To find the silence and focus on it

You give me the opportunity to do my healing,

Beyond you lies the possibilities, in you I access my courage

You propel me forward in my journey of learning,

And because of you I dwell in Freedom.


One thought on “FEAR…

  1. I am deeply touched, Angel. You are such a beautiful flower that now fully comes to expression, aware of your beauty, your essence, your journey and as you open up to receive the light, sharing inner sense, you radiate love to all around you – inspired to inspire!

    Thank you! It is a great privilege to be part of your journey!


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