A different point of view…

Lately our family has taken to walking, hiking and exploring the natural surroundings of Cape town, as we all know, Cape town is known for its aesthetic beauty, the Mountain, the Oceans, and of course the Forest, in this case, Newlands Forest.

Once or twice a week we take the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the freshness of Newlands Forest, and each time, its a treat and a half, which leaves you hungry for more.

This morning we decided to have our morning coffee as close to the mountain as possible, as far away from the city as we could get, and as up close and personal to the woods.

This, we had done once before and decided to make a tradition of it.

As we climbed higher and higher and got closer and closer to the mountain, we delved deeper and deeper into the forest where we eventually found the ‘perfect spot ‘ to sit down and have our morning brew.

There is something about reaching higher ground and distancing oneself from the hustle and bustle of City life, that just goes beyond words.

On seeing the view that spread out before our eyes, these words came to mind. Magnificent, Divine, and Spectacular!

The beauty of this city knows no bounds, from that vantage point of view, you can’t help but feel almost transported to another realm.

What a breathtaking experience! one we plan to repeat as often as its humanly possible for

there is endless beauty in our surroundings, and no end to how far one can explore.

Any given chance one gets to discover this beauty, should be grabbed with both hands.

We certainly did:)

Click here to see a bigger version of the panoramic shot.


Ndumiso Ngcobo on National identity

So, we again went to the Cape town Book Fair… based on last year’s experience we rather knew to keep our hopes moderate considering that not many of our favourite Authors were due to appear.

With our usual equipment, camera, microphones, recorder and ofcourse, our fine selves, we missioned off to the Cape Town Convention Center.

As usual, we had an agenda: to speak to atleast some of the writers and ask them the pertinent question on NATIONAL IDENTITY… National what? I hear you ask. NATIONAL IDENTITY.

Do we have it in South Africa?

With the 2010 soccer world cup around the corner, I believe South Africa should be thinking about National Unity, and even the ever so elusive National Identity.

In true Voxpop Africa media style, we caught up with, I must admit, one of our favourite writers, who never disappoints, Ndumiso Ngcobo!

On the question of National Identity in South Africa, here is what he said in response…

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Tough Love

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Tough love…

Whenever I think of , speak of, or even hear of Cape town, I am amazed at how much emphasis is put on the Aesthetic beauty of the Mother City. The majestic Table Mountain, the two oceans, and the vast expanses of the forest. These as they say, are a few of my favourite things, the reasons why most Capetonians will almost always speak only of the beauty of the city, and not so much about other aspects.

I have only recently begun to do my very own independent investigation of Capetown and all its wonders. My first attempt at uncovering just what the fuss is all about, particularly with The Table Mountain, was an opportunity to get up, close and very personal with this here Mountain.

I decided to go hiking up the mountain, a rather unofficial, unrestricted trip with no specif route to follow, or a particular agenda. This was to be a ‘lets play it by ear’ kind of experience, one that I must add, was greatly underestimated by me, for the hike was a Baptismal by fire, and talk about being thrown at the deep end!

My casual, Capetown style approach to this experience proved to me a bit of a miscalculation.
Any one who has hiked even once would tell you that for a novice, one needs to take many things into consideration, the time, the distance to name a few. However being the oblivious, over eager self that I was, I did not give much thought to these considerations. An oversight, i would later pay rather dearly for.

Since ours was an open hike, there were no boundaries, nor restrictions of any sort, just good old putting my good foot forward and soldier on up the mountain.

I rose to the challenge, and witnessed the sheer beauty of Mother nature in the Mother city, I marveled at the cacophony of sounds, from small insects, beautiful little birds, to the soothing tones of the water fall as it cascaded from some dizzying heights. The potency of the mixture of scents from the various plants intoxicated my senses. The precision of the rock formation from years of being perfectly arranged by nature to form the backdrop that is the mountain, were all such a sight to behold.

The Climb itself became secondary as the combination of forms of nature were the masterpieces of the Puzzle that is the Magnificent Table Mountain.

I was spell bound.

What a humbling experience?

What an initiation, an experience that felt like a rights of passage, for now I truly felt like I understood.

I now understand what the fuss is all about.

Table mountain is indeed a work of art.

Books and stuff like that

It’s that time again, the Cape Town Book Fair is around the corner. This year promises to be filled with as many interesting discussions, interviews and talks as last year. Perhaps for me, not as many of my personal favourite writers will be featured, however two or three will be there. Who knows, perhaps there will be opportunities to get the old books signed, and the old questions answered.

Last year’s Book Fair, had a great selection of young South African writers, amongst them Sihle Khumalo, who was promoting his book ‘Dark Continent my black arse’ we caught up with him to chat about his book and also to ask him to comment on the ‘xenophobic attacks’ at the time.

Here is what he shared:

a link to the Cape Town Book Fair website

The Age of Inner Sense


A new and very much improved ‘Inner Sense’

It’s amazing how time flies when one is having fun, such has been the case with the inception of Inner Sense. On the 6th of June, we celebrate the first year anniversary of Inner Sense! In celebrating this very special birthday, Inner sense has undergone a very much deserved extreme makeover.

For starters we have a brand New image, one that is very much inline with the spirit of Inner Sense, simple, stylish and elegant.

I have also added 3 more links to my business, curriculum vitae, and project. This, to give a bit of insight about the author. To simplify things a bit more, I have divided the posts into 3 different categories, IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), Reflections and Job of Work. As an added bonus, I added this month’s reading list on the side column and last but not least, my twitter can now be followed from here as well.

When I said ‘extreme makeover’ I meant it! I am ever so excited to see the amount of growth that is reflected in each post, it bears testament to the time that has lapsed and the winds of change that have come and gone. It is with the greatest pride and pleasure to witness this form of expression as it gives the inspiration to further find my voice and keep on expressing. This is a labour of love, a place where I sit beside myself and engage with my Self to get a deeper understanding of life and its situations. Inner Sense helps me make sense of that which I experience on a daily basis…it is my sanctuary, my canvas and my mirror. I salute this space.

On the 8th of June, my husband’s blog WSOM BLOG 2.0 (Welfare State of Mind) celebrates it’s 4th birthday! So with much respect and lots of love to the one who helped midwife Inner sense, I raise my fist for you and Welfare State of Mind, may it grow from strength to strength. May good fortune find your doorway always, and may you never grow weary or tired. More power to you, my friend…

It’s been a long and winding road, from the self proclaimed technophobe to the now savvy navigator of the world wide web and all its trappings, there is great cause to celebrate.

Yanga unyaka ozayo ungagcwala ngamathamsanqa…May the coming year be filled with good fortune and wonderful surprises!