Step by step…

Summer day

Long time no see… it has been ages since I last succumbed to the desire and inclination to write in the blog. I cannot for the life of me begin to explain what led to this turn of events. A writer’s block maybe? I can’t say, am still figuring it out.
With that said, I welcome myself back to my world:) it has been too long.
Since my last entry much has happened and as a result many a change has taken place, for one,I have since left my home country and am now learning to understand what it means to be an ‘immigrant’.
How I have been faring in the foreign lands is a surprise even to me. For starters, I arrived to one of thee most amazing summers of my life, enjoyed 22hours of sunlight/sunshine daily and feasted on all manner of organic offerings from my inlaws lovely cottage( allotment) garden.

A blissful time I was having until one fateful day when while attempting a technique of maintaining balance on a bicycle, I raptured my Achiles tendon. What a blow. I am still stunned from the experience. Having once before 15 years ago, snapped the tendon of my other leg, I had a vague idea of what was to come…I was in a for a great surprise… My first month in my new country was about to take a new and hectic turn.
As the old saying goes ‘ when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’
Being somewhat one who was chronically fearful of hospitals and also reluctant to ask for help, I was in for a challenge as my life was about to turn into a series of hospital visits, an operation, immobility and relying on loved ones and strangers for help. I was completely out of my comfort zone. Nothing would/could have prepared me for the next weeks to come.
After all the daily challenges of getting through the days, I now sit here with these strong feelings to tell the tale as today was the first day of being free from the cast that has become my companion for the last 6 weeks.
Free…at last? I don’t know, for I feel like the proverbial elephents who after being tied to a tree at their infancy still feel constrained when as adults one ties their ankles even to a stick… this psychological effect is mind boggling, yet real. I find myself reluctant to let go of my trusty crutches that have stood me in good stead in the last few weeks. I keep double clicking on the part of my mind that says,’don’t put weight on that foot’ yet now I should.
Methinks that this too will pass as the fact of the matter is I am thrilled to be free at last, I cant wait to go back to taking long walks with my husband, bathing my son, effortlessly making food for myself, enjoying long showers… these are a few of the things I missed the most.
Yet, after all is said and done, I am eternally grateful. Grateful to have survived and for being on the road to recovery. Most of all, I am grateful to have had an experience that has led me back to the world of innersense.It’s good to be back. What a humbling experience. Camagu!