Do over


If I had my life to live over again,
I would laugh louder, deeper and heartier,
I would cry more and hold back less tears
I would smile straight from the heart and out from my eyes.
I would harbour less grudges and have less regrets.
I would have acceptance for things I cant change.
I would fear the dark less and feed my superstitions even less.
I would practice more courage and accept that the way to courage is through fear
I would pat myself more on the back and celebrate me more.
I would cling less to the dark past and look forward to a brighter future.
I would let my yes be yes and no be no,
I would travel lighter, carry less baggage.
I would love more, trust more and hope more.
I would recognise myself as special and treat myself accordingly.
I would be less critical of my image in the mirror and more appreciative of what is.
I would stress less and relax more,
I would sing louder, dance with more abandon, and work harder.
I would Believe in life more
I would Doubt less and Trust more.
I would love without reservations
I would let myself and everyone else just BE.
I would Enjoy all the things that bring me joy.
I would show more Love.
I would wish for less and do more.