Halala halala halala ukuzala kukuzolula!

It’s a bit strange to experience the event or nonevent of getting older, moving from one decade to the next somehow feels rather normal:)
One doesn’t know what to expect does one?
I am so grateful to my husband and to my son.
You guys are truly ACES in my books.
Many thanks for making today worthwhile.
I am delighted to be finally celebrating this day, it has been many years of looking forward to this time, now that it is here, I couldn’t be happier.
May this coming year bring with it many blessings and lots of pleasant surprises.
May all the seeds that have been planted over the years bear some fruits and may there be more smiles and less tears.
May goodness always find us and finally, may bygones be bygones.
Let this new year bring with it freshness and newness!



The end of another Chapter.

During the last few weeks I embarked on a mission of tying off some loose ends. Laying some ghosts to rest and finally finding all the favourite books that have been my companions for many months  but somehow  never got finished. I have been sorting through these books with the hope and  determination that I will read every single one of them to the end in order to finally consider them an experience had.

How did I find myself with unfinished books you ask? Through the habit of always reading more than one book at a time, hopping from one book to the next until  some books are fully read while others fall by the way side

As I combed through our bookshelf trying to locate all these unfinished reads, I wondered why they have taken so long to get finished and whether I would have a sense of achievement when I finally get through them.

It looked like I had a mammoth task was ahead of me.  One by one I started leafing through the pages , first at lightning pace which gradually eased down to a nice leisurely one  allowing  me to savour every  sentence, paragraph and chapter. I decided to give myself enough time to dedicate to the completion of all the works. Some were easy to get through while others seemed to be like hiking up a mountain, a pleasure to read, but rather labour intensive to power through.

From the onset I had set myself a goal and had drawn up a list which I kept on crossing every time a book was finished, this somehow seemed to detract from the pleasant experience of reading a book thus I decided to do away with the physical list and rather keep a mental note. This took away the sense of reading as a chore, but rather made it a treat.

As I was going through every read, travelling to all the distant places and awakening to different realities I couldn’t help but notice just how personal and intimate the experience of reading was, I found myself plunged to depths of emotions the one minute and being buoyed to dizzying heights the next. It was a true roller coaster ride. These reminded me that there is nothing methodical about reading for pleasure. It is as unpredictable as a joy ride and as equally  moving.

Life has been said to be like a roller coaster ride, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Every day brings with it all it’s potential, the liver of life is the one who decides just what kind of a day each day will be.

Today marks the last day of my twenties, the last day of being twenty something, the last day of being nine and twenty.

As I sit here reflecting on what the last decade has brought me and out of me, I marvel at the innumerable events that have take place in a space of a ten years. I couldn’t even begin to recount or recall   them all for that would be an endless exercise. What I do know however  is that nothing would have prepared me for all the surprises along the way.  Life has been a mass of contradictions , there have been times of great joy and times of deep sorrow, moments of lightness and moments of heaviness, the spectrum has been very  broad and wide. This has been a time of curve balls and steep learning curves which have  lead to immense growth spurts and invaluable  lessons in gratitude.

Throughout this time I have forever been holding out for the future, for the day when I would kiss my turbulent  twenties goodbye and say hello to my thirties. The time has now come and it is with mixed feelings that I bid farewell to the last decade. As with a wonderful book that is rather challenging to read, but gives such deep feelings of satisfaction once it is complete, such is the feeling I have about leaving my twenties. I am filled with gladness for all the challenges, yet slightly relieved that I’ve made it.

I look back to my younger self and smile at all her follies, mishaps and successes. I see the hope and excitement with which she entered the twenties, a similar excitement which surges within as I now approach my thirties, albeit a lot more tampered.

The last page has been turned, signalling  the end of a chapter. With all the excitement, eagerness and misgivings, I welcome the new era. Who knows what the new decade will bring , whether it will be better or worse, good or bad, simple or complex. It is immaterial, for what ever the future holds,   I’m good and  ready to usher in the unknown.

Ever changing times…


Life changes, times are changing and things change.

I’ve recently finished reading the Biography of Albertina and Walter Sisulu, the Mother and Father of the struggle against Apartheid. After months of starting and stopping with this detailed account of the years that lead to the championing of our freedom, I decided to sit my self down and firmly resolve to read through the whole book without allowing any interruptions. This of course, was no easy feat as life continued to carry on, and as we know, there are always interruptions, still I soldiered on until I had reached the very end of their magnificent story. Spell bound!

Camagu! Mama no Tata!

After plucking up the courage and delving right in to the bitter past, I emerged feeling like I had been catapulted back to such turbulent times, times that don’t even resemble the times we are currently living. Times when people gave up their lives for their belief in the cause, fortunately and unfortunately times that are now a distant memory. I felt I needed a moment just to recover from the experience of travelling to the past and almost reliving the events through this couple’s story.

The men and women who fought resiliently against unjust laws of the Republic of South Africa are today our Heroes and Sheroes who deserve the highest respect, regard and honour. I raise my fist to the fathers who were stripped off of their lives, families and sometimes their livelihoods. I salute them for never allowing the enemy to strip them off their pride, dignity and sense of self.
I raise my fist for the daughters who were left to raise families on their own, who were left to keep the embers of resistance burning and who never gave up or lost hope. Viva my people!

The winds of change are inevitable now as they were then, no matter how bleak, dark and unpromising the future may have seemed, there was always promise of change. These veterans lived for that promise and never stopped anticipating the day when freedom would be visited upon the beloved people. Everyday was a day closer to seeing their dream finally realised, the dream of a free people.

Dreams can seem far fetched and improbable, but these same dreams are what the future is made of, the building blocks of a better tomorrow. They are the prize that one keeps the eye on. History has shown us how the dream is what sometimes sustained the oppressed peoples, what fuelled the fire of their struggles and what eventually brought them to the place they had been hoping for.

So dare to dream, for change is definitely going to come!
Have a confident expectation of what tomorrow will bring,
Get ready, for change can come almost by force.


Back to Front

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

“Life is lived forwards but understood backwards” (S. Kierkegaard)

Sometimes one gets so focused in planning , preparing and living for the future that one tends to forget the here and the now. This of course is to par with societal norms, we are all encouraged to always save for ‘a rainy day’ never knowing whether we will be there to live and to see the ‘rainy day’

This is an article of faith.

Just as putting your head on your pillow at night without doubting or questioning whether you will wake up to see the next dawn of tomorrow.

Just as inhaling without thinking twice about whether or not you will still be there to exhale.

Just as putting one foot in front of the other and counting on the next foot to follow.

From time to time we must remind ourselves of our yesterdays in order to get more perspective on our todays and hoped for tomorrows.

When things seem not to be going our way, it helps to look back and take a walk down the halls of history, visiting the recesses of our minds , to find out how far we have come. Remembering where we have come from creates a clearer picture of where we are going.

Even in the darkest hours when life’s gentle embrace seems to be turning into a tightening noose, one must remember that we didn’t come this far to be left in the middle of the road.

When today and tomorrow feels, and looks a bit unclear, remember to take a backward glance to remind you of the journey you have so far travelled. Take strength from the seas you’ve swam, the mountains you’ve climbed and the valleys you’ve navigated and remember…

Tomorrow will take care of itself.