Jogging the memory


Often life happens at such a pace that we forget to remember the good things that have happened over time. It seems like the mind and her eye remembers mostly the aspects of life that were rocky, unpalatable and particularly unpleasant. I find that we long for good things to happen, we hold our breath waiting for the day when such and such a thing will happen, but once it does happen, it quickly disappears from the forefront, and sometimes gets stored somewhere in the back of our minds where most other ‘great’ things have found a home.

The negative experiences however, have a way of keeping centerstage, we nurse them, revive them, turn them this way and that. The amount of time we give to the unpleasant is surprisingly much and yet we wonder why it is that the negative and ‘bad’ memories seem to be ever fresh and vivid in our minds.

This year let the mind’s eye remember all the good and not dwell on the bad, or rather dwell on the good and forget the bad.

The mind is a good servant but a terrible master, let us learn to master our own minds, and by doing so, find our way to hold on to that which brings us joy and light, while letting go of that which limits and constrains us. We have a choice, we must exercise it, and choose for a change to hold on only to that which is worth holding on to.

In this new year, I pledge to remind myself to always remember the good and not allow the ‘bad’ to take over, At best I want to learn to treat opposition with ease and to be conscious of all manifestations whether good or bad in my existance. I pledge to judge less what is good and what is bad, but rather to treat events, happenings and occurences equally.

Perhaps over time I can effortlessly recall all the good things, and hopefully with difficulty I will remember the sad times.

This is what I want to remember, to never forget, but to take with me that which builds me, and let go of the rest.