Change is here!

Autumn 2010

Once again it feels as if it’s been an age since I last wandered around these here parts, Life has a way of bringing you back to the places you need to be though. So here we are!

The seasons have come and gone and a new one is emerging, the rains have started, the old leaves are being shed while new ones compete in whose colours are more striking.

As I stand in our kitchen and look outside our window, it is amazing how many various shades of red the leaves can take. From Rust to Mauve, and everything in between. Natures splendour never ceases to take my breath away. It’s always such a humbling experience when you can trace the passage of time by witnessing the changes happen right before your eyes. I’m forever charmed by natures wonders.

Speaking of changes; they are part and parcel of life aren’t they? Some are deliberate, planned and carefully implemented, while others descend upon you without any warning and may even sometimes catch you unawares. The latter, I find to be the most mysterious…one day you wake up minding your own business, going about your regular routines, and ‘out of the blue’ change comes knocking at your door. When change comes, you must yield, because one way or the other when it is time to change, it is time. It leaves no room for the whens and whys. The only way to receive an unexpected visit from change is by embracing it and accepting whatever new reality it brings. It doesn’t take too long, before a person can look around oneself and admit that well…this is my new reality, let me live it.

Our family had the most wonderful summer holiday, we did all that we had planned to and then some. We took full advantage of the positive energy that comes with summer and applied it to our everyday goings on. Summer has a way of allowing people to look on the bright side of things, it is even more easier to bid farewell to old grudges, one can simply revel in the lightness of the season and adopt the same attitude for oneself.

We relied on the hot and ever bright season to assist in bringing us more joy and laughter to our home, and the homes of those we love, and true to form, summer didn’t let us down.

I’m thankful to family, to nature , to change and to Life for always being around me and reminding me of what the really important things in life are. Now that the new season, Autumn is upon us, I feel the change stirring from within and can only hope that it is a promise of new and better things to come. This feeling, let’s me know that no matter what the conditions to come may be, there is a time for everything. A time to laugh, and a time to cry, a time to plant and a time to reap. At this point in time, we have planted a lot of seeds, and are awaiting the moment when the seeds will take root, start budding. Then new growth will become visible until the fruit is ready for the picking.

That is when the full impact of the change will be seen and felt.

Of course in the meantime, life goes on and this season will come and go, and winter will be with us once again. As cold and long as winter is, she too, has her own charm, so I keep reminding myself that ‘it only takes a spark, to get a fire going. But soon all those around it, can warm up from it’s glowing’

May you have yourself a wonderful New Season and give thanks to the promise of great things to come.