Another new year has come.

A belated hello to 2012!

Is it worth having new year’s resolutions?- This is the question I ask myself every new year- and many a time I resolve to not make any resolutions or perhaps to not break any resolutions should I find myself having made any. Needless to say, this is neither easy, nor doable or in my case, sustainable. Over the years, I’ve found that for me, a year is a terribly long time to try and keep a resolution. Naturally we all want to change for the better, we certainly have good intentions to improve who we are and how we live our lives. It just so happens that the new year gives us the opportunity to implement the necessary changes or at least make the plans to change. Sadly, as noble as resolutions are, they seldom work. At least not for me.

In the spirit of wanting to affect change in my life, I have devised a more workable plan for me.

I propose this to myself for this year, to make more short term goals which will give long term benefits. So instead of looking at the whole 12 months in which to live up to my resolutions, I need to set more attainable goals. I will take it one month at a time- I will resolve to implement a change for 30 days at a time. This to me has in the past proven to be a much more doable goal. I’ve learned from experience that if I want to change any habit in my life, beginning with trying something new for a month has allowed me to be more able to achieve my goal. As month after month I would work towards creating the changes it happened that within no time I would realise that 3 months have gone by and in that period I have gotten rid of the bad habit and developed a new one to replace it. This way a lasting change happens.

This year, I want to do what works, and taking it one day at a time, one week at a time and even one month at a time seems to me like the best way for me to make my goals achievable. No more self fulfilling prophecies and setting myself up for failure.

Here’s to 2012 and setting more achievable goals.

I intend to make it easy for myself to succeed. May every step bring enjoyment and fulfilment! Best foot forward!