The age of innocence

We do not have to go far to find innocence, or to be reminded of our own innocence. Witnessing a little baby grow from being an infant to easing into the toddler stage is enough to ignite that divine spark of innocence within you. It is said that if you can see it, chances are you are or you have it. I’m so very blessed to be bearing witness to yet another young one come into their own right before my eyes. Our Zondwa is now 11 months and two days old. Not one day goes by where I don’t thank my lucky stars, Divine intervention, modern technology or any other power that has made it possible for him to be here today. He is our daily reminder of how beautiful and blessed life is, how divine and wonderful nature is and how resilient the human spirit is. He is a reminder of a story of trials, challenges and raging success. A tale of just how far we’ve come. Not more than a year ago he came into our lives to bring us one priceless experience after another. For this, I am eternally grateful.

So now he’s almost one, he’s already received four teeth and is moving on all fours at the speed of lightening in our home, leaving a trail behind him. There is no doubt that he is a presence to be reckoned with in every way possible. As I sit hear watching him, I marvel at his sheer determination, his unbound zest for life and his joy of being. I take my hat off to him. I bow. And in that spirit, Here’s to 11 months of a life fully lived!


Thank you Zondwa ziintshaba zingazumenza nto….Camagwini madlomo, noosopthisho, oongqolomsila, nino yem yem, nani madiba’ mahlale…Siyabulela.

Camagu kuni mangelengele amahle anzipho zimnyama ngokuqwhayana! Sibaba ngazo zibini…sibulela inkokhelo yenu…sithi makube chosi kubehele, budede ubumnyama kuvele ukukhanya. Siyabulela.