Celebrate good times!!!

I’ve come to the realization that the sands of time don’t exactly go up as the years go by;)…and that when you reach a certain age –after having children- you start seeing the passage of time from the rate at which your young’uns grow up.

Our youngest turned one today! What a wonder the whole growth process has been for him and for us! Such a long road has been walked in so short a time that on a day like this when I sit down and reflect on all the events that took place in the last year, I am rendered speechless.

I can attest to the old adage that ‘life is lived forward and understood backwards’

In hindsight I see the moments of grace that had been hiding behind every so-called struggle. I am deeply grateful to life for bringing us our children to teach us so many lessons. I bless you Zondwa for being such a phenomenon in our lives. I salute all those who stood by us through the toughest times and I celebrate the divine blessing that is Zondwa. I continue to revel in the joy of watching you reach every milestone and am thrilled by your progress day by day. You, are an ACE in my books:)

Happy Birthday bhuti!

May you grow forth and continue to be a reminder to us of how precious life is. Thank you for being a part of our family of fourJ


Aah! Madiba amahle, ooDlomo, Sophitsho, Ngqolomsila, nooYem Yem, ooVelabambhentsele, ZONDWA ziintshaba zingazumenza nto… CAMAGU! Ndiyabulela!

Ndibulela nakuni Mahlubamahle,Mangelengel’anzipho zimnyama ngokuqhwayana…ooBhukula ka mlabatheki, nooNkwalenkosi…CAMAGU!

Mabudede ubumnyama kuvele ukukhanya…makube chosi kubehele!