New beginnings: From Am with Love!


You are welcome here,

Be at your ease.

Get up when you‘re ready,

Go to bed when you please.

We’re happy to share with you

Such as we’ve got,

The leaks in the roof and

The soup in the pot.

You don’t have to thank us

Or laugh at our jokes,

Sit deep and come often…

You’re one of the folks.


These words eloquently express my wish for you. I grew up seeing these words on the wall of my mother’s house and they have remained with me all these years. They epitomize the place I call home. I come here to share my observations and ideas, things that touch and move me, as well as  things that make me laugh or cry. Word to the wise, in this space I may often ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ and or ‘vent my spleen’ occasionally, rest assured and know though that it is only because this is a safe space designed to suit exactly that need, for to me, it is like home.

Welcome, Namaste. Jai Guru Dev. Camagu.


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