Inner Sense Podcast

Occasionally I feel the spirit move me to take some time to do a little introspection, do inventory, and take some stock of what has happened or  not happened in the last period of my life. The end of winter and the beginning of spring is for me just the right time to do exactly this since the change that is reflected in nature and also seen in the way the people around seem to have a new disposition, inspires me to reflect. It is mid- month of the so-called ‘first month of spring’ at least in these here parts of Scandinavia, so suffice to say I have felt the spirit move me and I am yielding .

As I sat beside myself looking in and looking back, it occurred to me that there may be somethings in the past that were for some reason or other conveniently put on ‘the later base’ to do list. Some may have been from last week, others from last month and indeed even last year.

It’s not uncommon for me to discover some long forgotten little something from yesteryear,  be it tangible or intangible , and thus I tend to be rather pleased when I rediscover it for I choose to believe that  its re surfacing can only mean that perhaps NOW is the Right time for it to be attended to. I believe there is what is called ‘Divine timing’ or the right time, therefore I embrace whatever shows up as a blast from the past and just consider the moment it shows up to be its Right time.


Recently as I was putting on my ‘retrospectacles’-to take the liberty of coining a new word-  I was very pleased to discover some long forgotten audio interviews I’d conducted sometime in the distant past, so  with my headphones, laptop and hot chocolate at hand, I  sat back, relaxed and gave in to some listening pleasure. I took the proverbial stroll down memory lane. Going down this lane, I find can have a healing effect on me, for it often offers me an opportunity to release a lot of things that no longer apply to who I have become, and things that no longer serve me. This way I can then create new space for the things whose time has come. The journey to the past I was currently embarking on was having this healing and revealing effect to my relief because, to be honest, one never knows what feelings can rear their heads when one revisits the past. This time I found that gaining a bit of distance from the present moment, also gave me a chance to see just how much growth has happened over time and also how many changes. I of course, also found other interesting things long forgotten such as…


Here is a gem I uncovered, beneath all the debris of many an unused sound byte and other audio material. It turned out that once upon a time I had interviewed a dear friend of mind who’d then had her book published, we shared some laughs, talked about issues pertaining to the book specifically and life in general. Listening to our interview inspired me to put together the podcast I’d long been meaning to ‘double-click’ on a ‘later base’. Finally the right time had come to bring Inner Sense Podcast.


Here is the first episode from Ciku and I with love.



Some light again



Winter in Finland is the longest season, one that is just not something a person gets used to. After all these years, I still haven’t yet wrapped my head around it. There’s just something about the night between November and say February, which makes it almost impossible for me to get accustomed to this kind of winter where days are unbelievable short and nights painfully long. The kind of winter where darkness does not have to mean night time, where the taking and fetching of kids from school happens while it’s still dark. To be sure, a unique and unusual winter to someone like me. Admittedly and thankfully there is more than one side to this season, which makes it a little easier to get through the months. There is the beautiful, enchanting and even breath-taking face of Finland covered in snow. The trees in the forest take on a new and magical quality, the vast open spaces become like the stuff of fairy tales and everything has the look of a wonderland in the dreamscape. This beautiful side has been my saving grace and the only way in which I could find a place within me to accept that the days and the months will take as long as they will take to unfold and that eventually the snow would melt. This patience and acceptance took me by surprise as for the last four winters of my living in these here parts, I have always had my eye keenly on the calendar, counting down the days until it would officially be declared springtime! This approach I must admit, has not stood me in good stead, quite the contrary if anything as with every passing month it felt like the goal posts kept shifting. When I worried about how long the winter was, it  turned out to have the same effect as waiting for a kettle to boil- the result is that it it just seems to take forever to happen!

I have to confess that even though word is that spring is in the air, I still don’t think I’ve bought into that idea fully , in fact, I still feel pretty much like staying in my cocoon (perhaps out of self preservation) until I see with my own eyes that indeed snow is melting or at least it stops actively falling. What I’ve also learned over the years is that the winter has a way of making ‘the milk of human kindness curdle in one’s veins’ to paraphrase Shakespeare. It just seems hard to be happy go lucky and charitable when the weather is not agreeable and so for many of us we’ve been mainly keeping to ourselves as a result of the impact winter has had on the psyche. It’s indeed very encouraging to begin to see signs of more life in the terraces of restaurants and the outdoors. I guess even the mere fact that I’m sitting in my writing spot at 18:15 and not needing to turn on any lights for my writing, is indicative of a change that is in the air, and similarly I’m finding my long lost ‘sunny disposition’ to be gradually re-surfacing after  months of what felt like forced hibernation and introspection ( nudge nudge, wink wink )

Don’t get me wrong, hibernation is a good thing, even a necessary thing, since it allows one to take inventory and to visit places within that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. I do appreciate the time I’ve had to go within and to spend some time ruminating about life’s issues, but truth be told I am so ready to get back into the thick of it and spring time could not come a moment sooner.

To show just how the winter has impacted my frame of mind, I now realise that I haven’t even been blogging since November which is  very telling. However to focus more on the brighter side of life, I have  noticed that I am beginning to need my slumber mask again to ward of the bright morning sun which seems to show up a lot earlier than before, a great sign, that the days of winter are indeed numbered.

As I’m writing this I am seeing from our kitchen window the remnants of piles of snow heaped on the side of the road, and my heart warms at the mere sight of the no longer pure white snow, because it heralds the dawn of a new season, a season of sun, new growth and green leaves all round. The mere thought of the currently leafless trees turning green in a few weeks or months does give me a new hope. I feel more optimistic, and am even feeling inspired to do many things that have otherwise been shelved during the winter months. If you live in these northern regions of Europe as I do, I bet you too are pretty happy to be seeing the back of winter. ‘Snow always melts’ as one character in a British comedy once pointed out, and it is indeed a truism both literally and figuratively, snow always melts, and darkness must turn to dawn.

I look forward to more unfolding of  spring time and pray that you who have perhaps also been under the influence of the winter malaise will also come out of your shells and join all of us who delight in even the slightest suggestion of a sunny moment. To those who have been enjoying beautiful summer days, I trust that you will ease into the next season with grace and peace.

On a parting note, never had I thought in my life that the weather would be a topic of discussion beyond small talk  until I moved to the Nordic region hehhhe, talk about a paradigm shift!

Happy Spring time to all and may the turn of the new season bring goodness, love and light to you and yours.

Peace and blessings