Inner Sense Podcast

Occasionally I feel the spirit move me to take some time to do a little introspection, do inventory, and take some stock of what has happened or  not happened in the last period of my life. The end of winter and the beginning of spring is for me just the right time to do exactly this since the change that is reflected in nature and also seen in the way the people around seem to have a new disposition, inspires me to reflect. It is mid- month of the so-called ‘first month of spring’ at least in these here parts of Scandinavia, so suffice to say I have felt the spirit move me and I am yielding .

As I sat beside myself looking in and looking back, it occurred to me that there may be somethings in the past that were for some reason or other conveniently put on ‘the later base’ to do list. Some may have been from last week, others from last month and indeed even last year.

It’s not uncommon for me to discover some long forgotten little something from yesteryear,  be it tangible or intangible , and thus I tend to be rather pleased when I rediscover it for I choose to believe that  its re surfacing can only mean that perhaps NOW is the Right time for it to be attended to. I believe there is what is called ‘Divine timing’ or the right time, therefore I embrace whatever shows up as a blast from the past and just consider the moment it shows up to be its Right time.


Recently as I was putting on my ‘retrospectacles’-to take the liberty of coining a new word-  I was very pleased to discover some long forgotten audio interviews I’d conducted sometime in the distant past, so  with my headphones, laptop and hot chocolate at hand, I  sat back, relaxed and gave in to some listening pleasure. I took the proverbial stroll down memory lane. Going down this lane, I find can have a healing effect on me, for it often offers me an opportunity to release a lot of things that no longer apply to who I have become, and things that no longer serve me. This way I can then create new space for the things whose time has come. The journey to the past I was currently embarking on was having this healing and revealing effect to my relief because, to be honest, one never knows what feelings can rear their heads when one revisits the past. This time I found that gaining a bit of distance from the present moment, also gave me a chance to see just how much growth has happened over time and also how many changes. I of course, also found other interesting things long forgotten such as…


Here is a gem I uncovered, beneath all the debris of many an unused sound byte and other audio material. It turned out that once upon a time I had interviewed a dear friend of mind who’d then had her book published, we shared some laughs, talked about issues pertaining to the book specifically and life in general. Listening to our interview inspired me to put together the podcast I’d long been meaning to ‘double-click’ on a ‘later base’. Finally the right time had come to bring Inner Sense Podcast.


Here is the first episode from Ciku and I with love.