‘Mind your language’

‘What we say to yourself about yourself when you are by yourself becomes your truth- your gospel ‘ Rev Kevin K Ross

So often I’ve heard the words ‘ be yourself ‘ or ‘love yourself ‘ and still wondered just how does one do that if to some degree one feels they don’t quite know themselves?

This, of course, is from my point of view… most of us don’t know ourselves well enough because we dont seem to take/ make or have the time to get to know ourselves. We know of ourselves relative to what we hear from others about ourselves and also what we say we are to others, not really what we are experientially.

For many years now I’ve dedicated a lot of my time reading all manner of self-help books, sacred texts, and varying materials from different spiritual traditions. This has been and continues to be my favourite thing to do… I’m reluctant to call it a hobby or a pastime because it feels more than just that. It’s become a way of living for me.
I’ve acquired a lot of information and knowledge pertaining to what some call the spiritual path and almost always I’ve felt a bit like the proverbial ‘goalposts keep on shifting ‘

This feeling of ‘running a marathon yet seeing no finish line’ , became a companion of mine and somehow I accepted that perhaps this is the nature of things for people ‘on the so called spiritual path’

Hehehe, sometimes disillusionment sets in so that we can turn within and find out what really is true for us.

Turning within. What does that mean for each of us? What does it mean for me?Where is within even?

I know it may sound like too esoteric a term for some to even consider- it used to sound that way for me too until I just decided to allow myself to define my own ‘within ‘. I learnt to not see it as a grandiose term or idea- but rather to allow myself to experience it according to my understanding . Meditation helped a great deal in ‘normalizing’ this concept at least to a greater or lesser extent.

How grateful I am for my meditation practice and how much value it has added to my experiencing of life. I thank goodness for being introduced to it by a dear one and will always appreciate it. Meditation on its own, however did not quite ‘do the trick’ of understanding ‘the within’, to gain this understanding I would need to get to first know myself first.
Get to know who I took myself to be, who I expressed myself as and who I experienced myself to be.

This is a process! An on going, infinite process of self discovery.

I learnt that to undertake such a process, what I needed to do was to BE STILL.
BE STILL and listen to what comes out of the silence.

I’m learning to be at ease with myself, to love my own company, to hear my inner voice. I’m learning to mind my language when I speak to myself and about myself.

Recently in a lecture I was listening to about the subconscious mind/inner child- the speaker posed this question "who bears the brunt of what we say to ourselves about ourselves "?

The inner child.

This question gave me pause and for the first time I really began to rethink the idea of ‘self- talk’. The impact of the question still amazes me now and is the reason I felt to write this post.

So… as a parting note, let me leave this question to you- to me. What do you want your inner child to hear from you?
What does self love look like to you?
Who bears the brunt of what you say to yourself about yourself?

Peace and Blessings